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    ITB Professor Recommends Plant Cancer-Fighting Medicines


    BANDUNG-Cancer is a disease affects many Indonesians. In the development, cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body, so they can cause death.

    There are several efforts to fight cancer, are surgery, radiation, monoclonal antibodies, and chemotherapy. But many people finally choose other alternatives in fighting cancer with herbal remedies.

    Plenary Meeting of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) Professor Forum (FGB) discussed the topic of "The Future of Herbal Medicine as Alternative Cancer Therapy".

    Prof. I Ketut Adnyana, said cancer usually appears in organs are actively used in the human body and exposed to external factors. For example, the lungs are often exposed to pollution and cigarette smoke, the prostate is active along with male reproductive activities.

    But the most at risk is colorectal cancer (colon = large intestine, rectal = rectum). This is because our intestines are actively working when we eat three times a day. The risk of colorectal cancer gets worse if we eat unhealthy foods.

    "The more often we eat unhealthy food, it will trigger cell mutations cause cancer," said Prof. Ketut.

    The most important factor causing cancer is heredity. Besides that, alcoholic beverages and obesity can also increase the risk of cancer.

    "Basically, all diseases have to do with offspring, including cancer. Therefore, be honest with your family if you have certain diseases, "explained Prof. Ketut.

    In his presentation, Prof. Ketut said there are 10 plants have the potential as cancer cure. These plants have been scientifically tested to have active compounds can kill cancer cells. The ten plants are Dara Tread (Vinca rosea), Taxol (Taxus sp), Lempuyang Wangi (Zingiber zerumbet), Temu Kunci (Boesenbergia pandurata), Melinjo / Tangkil (Gnetum gnemon), Soursop Leaves (Annona muricata), Tiwai Onions (Eleuthrine americana), Keladi Tikus, seeds of Grapes, and Propolis (from honey bees).

    The ten potential of this herbal medicine has been through various trials to ensure the drug can actually kill cancer cells, are through testing the content of active compounds, cell level testing, using experimental animals, and tested directly to cancer patients. As a result, the ten types of herbs can suppress the activity of cancer cells and get positive testimonials from trial patients.

    One that has been widely used is soursop leaves. When compared with standard cancer drugs used, is tamoxifen, the active compound of soursop leaves turned out to be better for suppressing cancer cells. Besides that, another interesting potential is melinjo. Apparently, melinjo seeds contain active compounds are very good at suppressing the growth of cancer cells, are gnetin C and trans-resveratrol.

    "We have a lot of this material (melinjo) in Indonesia, precisely we usually use it as chips. So you can eat emping and lodeh vegetables, "said Prof. Ketut. Jo

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