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    Emil Ensures West Java Provincial Government's Assistance Is Right on Target


    BANDUNG – Governor of West Java Ridwal Kamil ensured assistance to victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Palu City and Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi on target. The West Java Provincial Government will allocate Rp. 2 billion in goods to be sent to places need it.

    "Of the West Java Provincial Government there is Rp. 2 billion, we are preparing for assistance there, only we want to be on target. So we are waiting for the urgent needs, the funds will be spent in the form of goods, then send to places need it, "said Emil, his nickname, in Bandung, Monday (01/10/18).

    In addition, Emil also revealed he would raise crowdfunding funds at kitabisa.com. Later it will be combined with assistance from the West Java Provincial Government to ease the burden of disaster victims.

    "Insya Allah, in this week, personally, I will also raise crowdfunding funds at Kitabisa.com across the region, it is easy for the combination of assistance from the provincial government funds plus netizen funds to ease the burden on our brothers and sisters in Palu and Donggala," he explained.

    Emil added the West Java Provincial Government had prepared the West Java Recillian Blueprint program. It is education on disaster preparedness, so for future generations understand the potential of disasters and know how to overcome them. This is due to Indonesia's geological conditions are very vulnerable to disasters, with the most volcanoes in the world and plates scattered throughout Sumatra to Papua.

    "Insya Allah, with this blueprint, one of them we will imitate from Japan. "Hopefully we will be a province is ready for potential disasters," said Emil.

    Separately, West Java Province Regional Secretary (Sekda) Iwa Karniwa explained, for what the policy of the Governor of West Java, his party had ordered the Head of the regional management and Asset Agency to immediately follow up with the head of the West Java Province BPBD regarding administrative matters.

    "This is in the form of cash assistance possible to be flexible according to the needs of Rp. 2 billion. We also try to coordinate our partner baznas and (account) Jabar Peduli is the initiative of ASN friends," he said in Bandung on Monday (1/10 / 18)

    Furthermore, Iwa explained the aid was taken from an unexpected aid post and legal normative could be carried out quickly. "It is possible, moreover, there is already a regulation from the Ministry of Home Affairs to enable some provincial governments to help through the APBD. Why in the form of money because it is possible to be flexible to adjust according to needs," he said.

    According to Iwa, the transfer will come from the West Java Provincial Government's cash account to the account of the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government.

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