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    Monitoring Location of Total Solar Eclipse in Bandung


    BANDUNG-Moment of total solar eclipse on March 9 would become the awaited moment. Including for citizens in Bandung, even though they will not witness directly the total solar eclipse.

    There are 11 provinces along the archipelago will experience the total solar eclipse.

    In Bandung itself, there are some locations can be a place to monitor the total solar eclipse, which is at Perjuangan Monument of West Java and Boscha in Lembang.

    It will be held the watching together the total solar eclipse in the Boscha observatory on March 9, 2016 precisely on the tennis courts in the Boscha complex, where the binoculars directed to the east.

    In the Boscha, citizens can directly come to the observatory without needed to register first. Boscha observatory provides hundreds of special glasses and three telescopes with 20 centimetres diameter which can be used interchangeably by visitors to observe a partial solar eclipse.

    The peak time of the solar eclipse can be observed in Bandung at 7:21 pm, starting around 6:30 and finished around 08:30.

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