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    The Management of the Central Java Pasundan Association is Officially Inaugurated


    BANDUNG - As one of the oldest organizations has been 103 years old, the Paguyuban Pasundan has been active in regional and national development, especially in the fields of education, law, social, culture, economics, women's empowerment and youth.

    This was stated by the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa also served as the Expert Council of the Pasundan Association when attending the Inauguration of the Regional Committee of the Pasundan Association of Central Java Province 2018-2023 service period in Mandalasaba Dr. Djoedjoenan Gd. C Lt. 5 Comp. Pasundan Paguyuban Office Jl. Sumatra No 41 Bandung, Thursday (29/9/18).

    "Of course this is the basis of the initial commitment to the establishment of the Paguyuban Pasundan, to be an organization is beneficial to a common life," Katara Ayana, Karasa Mangpaatna, "said Iwa.

    "On this occasion I am on behalf of the West Java Province representing the Governor expressed his appreciation to Prof. Didi as the General Chairperson of the Pasundan Association is not tired of continuing to build and awaken togetherness to improve the social economy through schools for West Java is progressing, developing, "he added.

    Iwa hopes, with the inauguration of the Regional Manager of the Pasundan Association of Central Java Province, it can continue to increase synergy between the Province of West Java and Central Java Province or vice versa, one of them in the economic field. So, he welcomed and strongly supported the existence of concrete and interrelated programs were continuous, by taking steps to consolidate the organization and to build solidity and togetherness between the board and members.

    "We will continue this, we will increase it, so if the basic ingredients and raw materials are from other provinces, the finnishing good is in West Java. Especially the manufacturing industry in West Java is almost 50% to 60%, then one of the binders of synergy is the Pasundan Community, where members are spread throughout Indonesia, "he said.

    In carrying out their work to join the level and dignity of the Sundanese people, the Paguyuban Pasundan strives to always maintain their identity and ability to develop themselves in a national and global framework. The Chairperson of the Sunda Association, Didi Turmudzi, invited the administrators and members of the Sunda Society to continue "sabilulungan" (together) to build Sundanese Culture.

    "With the establishment of the Paguyuban Pasundan in Central Java, we hope to able to contribute to building a new identity in terms of Indonesia's dignity. So let's fight with ignorance and poverty together, "said Didi.

    "Hopefully this will become our charity field into our worship, one of it is by maintaining Sundanese Culture based on religious values. "Ku saha deui upami sanes, ku urang," he concluded.

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