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    Three Types of Tourism Development in West Java on Five Years


    SUMEDANG REGENCY- Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil stated his party would focus on developing the world of tourism during the five years of his administration. He said, in the master plan for tourism development in West Java, there were three types of development would be carried out.

    "For the next five years we will focus on the tourism sector," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, while attending the opening of the Pesona Jatigede Festival "Hard Fest 2" was opened by the Indonesian Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya at Panenjoan Jatigede Reservoir, Jemah Village, District Jatigede, Sumedang Regency, Saturday (29/9/18).

    "Why? Because West Java has been blessed by Allah SWT with beautiful mountain, hill, beach views. It only needs ideas and commitment to make economic added value," he continued.

    Emil explained the tourism development master plan is divided into three types, are First, Second and Third Types. The first type, the West Java Provincial Government will provide a budget in the form of grants to facilitate accessibility to tourist attractions with a budget of around Rp 15 billion per location.

    The second type, the West Java Provincial Government will provide grants of up to Rp. 50 Billion to each district / city to develop the potential of their tourist destinations. Then the third type, Emil wants to cooperate with the Ministry of Tourism to develop special tourism-based economic areas.

    "That is three commitments in five years. Type one improves existing destination access, type two creates destinations, and type three is inviting large-scale investments for tourism," Emil said.

    "If we focus on tourism, the local people are unemployed will be raised the potential of their jobs. Agriculture will be bought because there will be culinary. So, tourism is multi-dimensional," he added.

    In addition, the West Java Provincial Government also provide grants in the form of tourism buses to each district / city starting December 2018. On that, Emil also handed over a picture of a typical Jatigede boat from his own work to Sumedang Regent Doni Ahmad Munir.

    "Jatigede, if already arranged, I will design a Jatigede boat, so the boat will be well designed to become an icon of Jatigede," he said.

    The Pesona Festival Jatigede was the second time followed by various trail bike communities from various regions not only from West Java, but also nationally. There were 4,000 participants participating in this annual festival.


    Jatigede Will Become National Class Tourism

    Jatigede Reservoir in Sumedang Regency has great potential to become a tourist area. After officially operating in 2015, the reservoir became crowded with visitors. Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya also targeted Jatigede Reservoir to become a national tourism area.

    "Jatigede will be a national class tourist destination. We support," Arief Yahya, when he opened the Jatigede Charm Festival in Panenjoan Jatigede Reservoir, Sumedang Regency, Saturday (29/9/18).

    To support this, the Ministry of Tourism has also developed tourist villages around Jatigede. Arief said, there are four tourist villages are currently running.

    The Ministry of Tourism is committed to fully assisting the development of the world of tourism in West Java. Arief proposed West Java to have a tourism-based Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to facilitate investment licensing in the tourism sector.

    "I will help West Java fully to become a world-class tourist destination," Arief said in his remarks.

    While related to the Jatigede Enchantment Festival, Arief assessed although the festival was only held twice, it was successfully held. It has even been the number 1 trending topic on Twitter social media today.

    "I have to admit that for the new event was held twice, the value of the Jatigede Charm Festival was very successful," he said.

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