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    United Kingdom offer West Java Small interest's Infrastructure Financing in Rupiah


    BANDUNG - The British Government offers cooperation in financing infrastructure development with small interest in the form of rupiah to the West Java Provincial Government. According to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, it will attract many parties such as BUMN.

    This was said by Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, after meeting with the British Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. Moazzam Malik in Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung City, Thursday (27/9/18).

    "The cool thing is the British Government has small infrastructure financing but in Rupiah. So, the interest is not in the form of Pound Sterling, Euro or Dollar," Emil said.

    "The form of the Rupiah with a very low rate, so this must be in demand by BUMN," he continued.

    With financing schemes like this, many will help finance the construction of infrastructure projects in West Java. Emil gave an example, the scheme could finance the four railroad reactivation project proclaimed by West Java.

    "That's why after this meeting (the British Ambassador) wants to go to the train (PT KAI), for the financing of the four lines (railways) was, I already said Britain only. The money was large, the interest was cheap in Rupiah," said Emil.

    British Ambassador Mr. Moazzam Malik said Indonesia needed progress in infrastructure. The UK has financial capital capabilities for infrastructure financing.

    For this reason, Malik hopes this can be applied in West Java to support various future projects of Bumi Parahyangan.

    "We have innovations in the field of infrastructure capital finance to build infrastructure design," said the fluent Indonesian Ambassador.

    "We will continue the collaboration with West Java for infrastructure business going forward," he added.

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