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    Respond to Citizens' Complaints, Emil Directly Monitor Mine Paths in Parung Panjang


    BOGOR REGENCY-Following up on the aspirations of the Bogor Parung Panjang residents who asked for a solution from the Governor of West Java regarding mining problems three days ago via social media account, Governor Ridwan Kamil immediately responded.

    Accompanied by ASDA II and West Java Kadishub, Emil, his nickname, immediately went and have a dialogue to listen the aspirations of the representatives of Parung Panjang, Rumpin, Gunung Sindur, Cigudeg and other areas were badly affected by mining of rocks and sand. Representatives from employers and transporter associations were also present at the meeting was held at the Parung Panjang BPM Vocational School yard, Tuesday (25/9/18). Before the dialogue Emil and the group first reviewed the path along the mine.

    "Earlier I deliberately tried the path, my car got stuck between large trucks and I couldn't move on," said Emil.

    In the dialogue, Emil said he had mapped all the problems. The priority policy  will be carried out within the next seven days to summon all mining company leaders to Gedung Sate. The meeting will discuss the balance of solutions including truck operating hours.

    "I have observed there are five problems that I noted. I cannot make a direct decision today but will be taken first to Gedung Sate. For the first time I will call all mining entrepreneurs to Bandung," said Emil.

    In the discussion, Emil also conveyed his idea, that his side would re-register mining permits for all mining companies in the region. At there, articles that are fairer for all parties will be added.

    "We will fit the articles fairer, related to environmental impacts, must have a large parking area, so didn't take the road, related to the truck must be clean before operating," he explained.

    The citizens were enthusiastic when Emil said would realize a special mine route according to the aspirations of them. It  will go directly to Tangerang without crossing residential areas.

    "Yes, we will prioritize the mine road directly to Tangerang," he said.

    For the first step, Emil will first calculate the costs to make the mine line. According to him there will be two financing, are land acquisition and concreting or paving the road. Not only relying on the costs of the APBD, Emil asked all mining companies to contribute to realizing the special pathway.

    "We will calculate in the next two weeks for the costs are needed for the mine line. The company must also contribute," he said.

    Parung Panjang residents and surrounding areas have long complained about the negative impacts of the mining. Every day there are hundreds of large toned trucks crossing their settlements. Even 70 percent of residents are affected by ARI to TB due to pollution caused. During the past two months there was an accident that claimed the lives of 3 residents due to being hit by a mining truck.

    "I will come again to provide a solution, it will be discussed first in the province. This Parung Panjang is the first district that I visit seriously and we will prioritize it until finished. This is the result of the residents' story on my Instagram," said Emil.

    Meanwhile, Bogor Regency DPRD member Egi Gunadi representing his citizens said the arrival of Governor Ridwan Kamil to Parung Panjang gave a new hope to solve mining problems in the Rumpin, Parung Panjang, Cigudeg and Gunung Sindur areas.

    "Not a month the governor be inagurated, he was reviewed here. This gives a new hope to solve the problem of mining impacts here," said Egi.

    According to him, currently it is not appropriate to find out who is wrong in the problem. But now is the right time to work together to find a solution.

    "I want a two-sided solution, the road business, the people survived. I hope all are compact, we will continue to fight until there is a real solution," he said.

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