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    1,267,695 Land Plans in West Java Are Certified Ownership Rights


    BOGOR REGENCY-Based on data from the National Land Agency (BPN) of the West Java Regional Office, out of 1,269,450 land parcels have been measured by the National Land Agency until now they have been legalized or have 1,267,695 ownership rights.

    Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, after accompanying the President of the Republic of Indonesia to hand over the land title certificate in the area of the Cibinong Pakansari stadium in Bogor, welcomed it. According to him, the achievement is almost close to the target set by the central government, which is 1.270,000 certificates in West Java at the end of 2018.

    "Alhamdulillah, the juridical legalization of land is 1,267,695 certificates, only a few more," said the Governor, Tuesday (9/25/18).

    Emil, his nickname said land certificates are very important for the community, business and the state will have an impact on legal certainty. Conversely, ownership of land hasn't been legalized will experience vulnerability to disputes and conflicts.

    "Land assets that already have certificates of land rights Insya Allah the selling price will be higher," he said.

    Ownership of land rights, according to Emil, is very supportive in the infrastructure development proclaimed by the government. Some projects in West Java are currently in the process include the development of four railway lines, the Bandung - Cilacap toll road, Cisumdawu toll road, the construction of Cikembar Airport and a number of flyovers in the metropolitan city.

    "Especially for infrastructure development in West Java, we are accelerating through this PTSL program for the development of 4 railway lines, the Bandung - Cilacap toll road, the Cisumdawu toll road and the construction of flyovers in the metropolitan city," said Emil.

    So, he is committed to continue accelerating the achievement of the PTSL program with socialization and become one of the flagship programs in West Java.

    In the presentation of the land title certificate, there were 4000 certificates for the citizens of Bogor City and 3000 certificates for residents of Bogor Regency.

    The government targets this year 60 thousand certificates can be issued in the Bogor city. Of the six subdistricts in the Rainy City, even two of them have been completed 100 percent. While Bogor Regency is targeted to issue 80,750 certificates at the end of this year. Because it has a large area, there will be completely completed in 2025.

    "The central government's target is 126 million national land certificates in 2025. Insya Allah, it will be maximally succeeded by the province of West Java," said Emil.

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