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    Emil Will Send Ulama / Ustad Preaching Abroad, This Is the Requirement


    BOGOR REGENCY -Governor of  West Java  Ridwan Kamil will launch an English language training program for ulama and ustad in West Java soon. After mastering English they will be sent to several countries in Europe and America to preach.

    That was said by Emil, the nickname of the Governor of West Java, after the  Shubuh prayer together at the Abdurrahman Bin Auf Cibinong Mosque in Bogor Regency, Tuesday (25/9/18).

    "It is planned by the beginning of next month we will begin an English language training program for ulama and ustad. If they graduate well, I will send them abroad to preach," Emil said.

    For that, Emil requested a list to the MUI of Regency / City in West Java regarding the names of ulama and ustad who wanted to be trained in English. The West Java Provincial Government has also prepared facilities and trainers.

    "Hopefully I can immediately get the names of the MUI chairmen related to ustad and ulama to be trained in English," he hoped.

    Now Emil prioritizes the sending of ulama, ustad to countries that are often mistaken for Islam. Especially for countries in Europe, Emil prioritizes Spain. He reasoned in this country there were now waves of citizens becoming converts to Islam.

    "Why would I send them to Spain because there is now a wave of people becoming converts to islam. So, they don't practice their religious worship, on average now there are many atheists but many atheists are stuck with their life questions," Emil explained.

    Emil said now in Spain many small mosques were built. He has even been asked by Muslims there to design a large mosque since 2 months ago.

    "Then I asked why I wanted to build a mosque, they answered because more Spanish people who converted to Islam, on average we only had small prayer rooms," he said.

    Therefore Emil really hopes that the ulama and ustad from West Java will fill the mission in the country.

    "The requirement is only one, of course you must be able to speak English," he concluded.

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