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    Campaign Starting Today, West Java General Election Commision Holds Declaration of Peace Campaign


    BANDUNG - The Simultaneous Local Election 2018 in West Java was considered a success because of the increased public participation in exercising voting rights and political rights. In addition, it was marked by a controlled, safe and orderly situation so that the Pilkada process went smoothly.

    As support from the West Java Provincial Government, West Java Province Regional Secretary (Sekda) Iwa Karniwa attended the Declaration of Peaceful Campaign with the theme "Indonesia rejects Hoaxes, SARA Politicization and Money Politics ahead of 2019 General Election, held by the West Java Provincial Election Commission in front of Hotel Geulis when Car Free Day Dago takes place, Sunday (9/23/18).

    "Let us spread the declaration of a peaceful campaign because it aims at how we succeed. Yesterday the 2018 Simultaneous Regional Election was successful, then we continue the success for the Presidential Election, Pileg and Election of DPD, "Iwa asked.

     According to Iwa, this campaign is a positive activity because all components of society are presented. As well as presenting representatives of political parties, Forkopimda and community leaders who have a very important role for smooth elections to be peaceful and safe.

    Iwa hopes to produce the president and vice president and Members of the DPRD of West Java Province, the Indonesian House of Representatives and the Republic of Indonesia Regional Representative Council which can benefit the community. accompanied by a safe and smooth atmosphere from various regions in Indonesia, West Java in particular.

    Chairperson of the West Java Provincial Election Commission Yayat Hidayat said this activity was the start of the first day of the campaign of political parties participating in the election of Presidential Candidates and Candidates for Vice President, as well as members of the West Java Provincial DPRD, the Indonesian Parliament and the Indonesian DPD until April 17, 2019.

    "We ask for commitment from political parties in the process of campaign activity to completely override the forms of campaign that are hoax," he said.

    "So the campaign focuses only on the vision mission and work program of the political parties of candidates for members of the West Java Provincial DPRD, Presidential Candidates, Candidates for Vice President and Candidates for the DPD RI from West Java Province," continued Yayat.

    Finally Yayat's message, the commitment of this declaration shows that the people of West Java are ready to participate in securing a peaceful and integrity campaign.

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