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    Expanding the Railway Market in 47 Countries, Minister Rini Joined the Signing of Len's Cooperation with 5 European Companies


    BANDUNG - Indonesian BUMN Minister Rini Soemarno on a trip to Europe attended the signing of a strategic partnership in the railroad between PT Len Industri (Persero) and a Croatian company, Altpro at Innotrans 2018, Berlin, Germany (20/09). Len-Altpro's collaboration has a goal to expand the market of both parties in 47 countries. The signing was carried out by Len Industri's Managing Director, Zakky Gamal Yasin and CEO of Altpro, Zvonimir Viduka.

    "This strategic collaboration is a step for the company to expand the international market in the railway sector. There are 7 cooperation agreements at Innotrans 2018 by Len Industri, two of them were already. We are currently completing a signaling modification project in Bangladesh. We have also worked on Malaysia and Singapore a few years earlier, "Zaki said through a press release from Len, Friday (09/21/2018).

    The collaboration of Len-Altpro has been running since 2010 for the domestic market, and will be expanded to an international level. Beside of them, that were signed with Thales France and HIMA Germany yesterday, Len Industri also scheduled signing with four other companies.

    That is collaboration with VRS from the Netherlands in the field of Electric Point Machine and Level Crossing as well as other spare parts. Furthermore, the collaboration with Wabtec from America in the field of Freight Solution Systems in Indonesia, Teltronic from Spain in the field of telecommunications for the fast train market segment. And finally the collaboration with Schnoor from Germany for Tetra Radio Onboard which has been used in the Jakarta LRT.

    Len Industri and INKA, Waskita Karya and KAI are present in the IRDC or Indonesia Railway Development Company at Innotrans 2018. IRDC offers a total solution for railway development projects from EPC to project funding, both for mainline and urban transport. IRDC will also provide innovation and technology through close collaboration with customers.

    In Innotrans 2018, Len Industri bring the theme "Providing Total Solution for Railway Projects" with two important missions. First, as a Total Regional Railway System Integrator that has a competitive advantage in proven engineering and products. Secondly, Len Industri is a strategic partner to provide railway system solutions in the regional market. (Jo)

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