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    Meet ADB, Provincial Government Boosts Infrastructure


    BANDUNG - Not just to depend on the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) to finance the strategic infrastructure projects, the West Java Provincial Government continues to improve any opportunities.

    This time, Provincial Government of West Java held a meeting with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Indonesia about financing assessments.

    Governor of West Java Mochamad Ridwan Kamil received direct visits from ADB Indonesia Country Director Winfried Wicklein, in the Lokantara Room, Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (09/21/2018).

    "So the ADB was very excited, the Indonesian Representative Head came. His arrival wanted to listen about the infrastructure necessary of West Java," said Governor Ridwan Kamil.

    Emil, as the Governor of West Java nickname, explained the basic needs that he wanted to pursue for the next five years, essentially increasing economic growth.

    While to fulfill the aim, accessibility is needed for support the movement of people and goods.

    So Emil continued, the infrastructure ratio must to be boosted. As for a number of infrastructures in West Java, which will be pursued for five years, including toll roads, rail-based transportation, airports and ports. Not only that, it is also projected to build schools, hospitals, etc.

    "The toll road is a priority, rail-based transportation is a priority, then the addition of airports and ports is a priority," said Emil.

    Meanwhile, Emil said there were three options could be done to fulffil the financing needs of the infrastructure project. Among them, direct loans. Second, loans through Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD). Three, through state-owned enterprises (BUMN).

    From these patterns, the West Java Provincial Government, ADB, and related stakeholders, will exchange ideas to find the right cooperation pattern for the future.

    "If it is conventional for a long time, there are many dreams of West Java that must be pursued, if only relying on the APBD, it need a long time," he said.

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