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    There is ITB in Cirebon, Uu Requests Special Quota for Local Citizens


    CIREBON REGENCY-Vice-Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum asked ITB Cirebon to provide a special quota for the Cirebon citizen. It given for Cirebon citizen for get an education on one of these prestigious campus.

    This was stated by Vice-Governor Uu while attending the Signing of Grant and Borrowing Manuscripts Using Goods from the Cirebon District Government to the Ministry of Research and Technology for the ITB Cirebon Study Program Outside Main Campus (PSDKU).

    "Our hope for ITB there is a quota for the Cirebon district itself. Don't like in other universities, it's in Bandung City, there not West Java citizen, it's used up by other provinces," said Uu, after the signing ceremony in the Watubelah Haji Building Dormitory, Jl. Raden Fatahillah, Sumber, Cirebon Regency, Friday (21/9/18).

    According to Uu, this program is one of the accelerations of West Java Champion in the next five years. For it, he welcomed and strongly supported the existence of state universities that have study programs in the regions.

    "I am very supportive of the existence of university spreading to the regions. So, it does'nt accumulate in Bandung and this is our program West Java Champion in the upcoming RPJMD," said Uu.

    Uu hopes, with the ITB PSDKU in Cirebon it can provide benefits for the citizens of Cirebon. In addition, it also expected to improve the economy and citizens employment opportunities.

    The Cirebon Regency Government provides a land grant to the Ministry of Research and Technology and the development of the ITB Cirebon permanent campus. Cirebon Regent Sunjaya Purwadi Sastra said the 30-hectare land grant would be given in stages.

    "As we all know, the implementation of regional property grants in the form of land carried out today is the first stage," said Sunjaya.

    ITB Cirebon permanent campus is located in Arjawinangun District, Cirebon Regency. In addition, the Cirebon District Government also gave the right to borrow goods such as land and buildings, the Watubelah Haji Dormitory Building Cirebon Regency for the temporary campus of Cirebon ITB.

    The signing of the land grant and loan agreement manuscripts Haji Dormitory Building was carried out by the Cirebon Regent, Sunjaya Purwadi Sastra, with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Research and Technology, Ainum Naim. Vice-Governor Uu witnessed the handover process and the loan agreement.

    Three Programs Study

    In 2015 ago the Ministry of Research and Technology gave a mandate to three State Universities (PTN) in West Java, Padjajaran University, IPB, and ITB to establish campus outside the domicile. A year later, ITB followed up by establishing the ITB campus in Cirebon with the help of the West Java Provincial Government.

    ITB Chancellor Kadarsah Suryadi said currently the ITB Cirebon PSDKU has three Programs Study (Prodi), that Industrial Engineering Study Program (FTI), Urban and Regional Planning Study Program (SAPPK), and Kriya Study Program (FSRD).

    The establishment of them are appropriate to the potential and excellence of Cirebon Raya, as a tourist city and a complete industrial city with multimodal transportation.

    "Why Kriya? Because Cirebon has batik and this is a national asset. We are ready to advance Cirebon with batik, for more advanced," said Kadarsah.

    "Then why is Urban Area Planning? Cirebon already has a complete multimode. Then the industry, because Cirebon has a sea, an airport, a port that requires a systematic arrangement," he explained.

    The percentage of ITB Cirebon students in the 2016-2017 Academic Year comes from West Java 20% and outside West Java 80%. Industrial Engineering Study Program has 43 students, Regional and City Planning Study Program with 43 students, and Kriya Study Program with 25 students.

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