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    Atalia Inaugurates the TP PKK and the Dekranasda Management for 6's Regional


    BANDUNG - Chairperson of the West Java Province Family Welfare Development Team (PKK), Atalia Praratya Ridwan Kamil, inaugurates Chairperson of TP PKK 6 Cities and Regencies in West Java, after Governor of West Java Mochamad Ridwan Kamil also inaugurates Mayor and Vice-Mayor and Regent and Vice-Regent in Gedung Merdeka.

    Beside to being appointed as Chairman of the TP PKK, together the wives of the Mayor and the Regent were also appointed as Chair of the Regional National Craft Council (Dekranasda) which took place in the West Hall of the Gedung Sate in Bandung city, Thursday (09/20).

    Atalia invited the newly appointed TP PKK City and Regency to return to their original intentions, is to worship, so whatever we do must start from the heart.

    "I always held the quote, because the PKK is not paid, this Dekranasda is not paid, we don't have a qualified budget related to it," he said.

    However, according to Atalia, even though the PKK budget is limited, of course if did it from the heart, Insya Allah, the 10 of PKK programs can run smoothly.

    "The PKK program covers all areas of citizens life, start from the implementation of Pancasila, clothing, food including healthy planning, so we must move according to the network first, hopefully going smoothly," she said. (Parno)

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