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    PLN Successfully Fixes 3 Silae the Diesel Power Plant (PLTD) Units to Light Up Post-Earthquake and Tsunami Hammers


    BANDUNG-PLN has succeeded in repairing 3 units of the Silae Diesel Power Plant (PLTD), each with a capacity of 1.3 MW. All three are currently in the adjustment stage and are targeted to be able to fire at least by night and supply electricity to residents.

    "Alhamdulillah, we have succeeded in repairing 3 units of Silae PLTD with a total capacity of 3.9 MW, we are striving for this power to be channeled to the community today," said Sulawesi Regional Business Director PT PLN (Persero), Syamsul Huda in a press release later Sunday ( 30/09/2018).

    This success was inseparable from the additional personnel brought in, stage 1 as many as 125 PLN Sulawesi joint team personnel arrived in Palu, Central Sulawesi this morning to improve Electrical Infrastructure in Palu starting from Generation, Transmission, Substation, Medium / Low Voltage Network to connection to customers.

    Currently the three units are still in testing before they are declared ready to be turned on and channeled through existing feeders.

    "We are working optimally so that the electricity conditions in Palu tonight will begin to recover gradually," said Syamsul Huda.

    He predicted that the second team that brought additional generators and heavy equipment could arrive in Palu and Donggala tonight. This can increase electricity supply for residents. In addition, the arrival of the second team is also expected to assist the verification and repair of electrical damage

    He added that for hospitals and posts that were scattered some had utilized existing mobile generators. Besides that, a number of generating units could be repaired later that afternoon.

    At present there are around 12 generators that can be used for lighting a number of posts, plus 10 generators from Manado. PLN hopes that other genset transport cars can arrive soon in Palu and Donggala to increase additional supply of lighting for residents. "At the moment we are monitoring the movement to ensure that both generators and heavy equipment can arrive at the location safely and quickly arrive at the location," he concluded. Jo

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