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    Law: Tourism Encourages Increased the Regional Original Income (PAD)


    SUMEDANG REGENCY-West Java Provincial Government will continue to encourage the development of its tourism potential. Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum hopes that tourism can contribute to the improvement of Regional Original Income (PAD) without burdening the community.

    That was said by Uu while attending the Jatigede Festival at Tegal Jarong Field, Cijeungjing Village, Jatigede District, Sumedang Regency, Sunday (30/9/18).

    According to Uu, PAD from the tourism sector will not burden the community because it provides pleasant reciprocity. Unlike PAD from retribution or tax

    "The name tourism increases PAD without burdening the community. If PAD increases, the community retribution is heavy, but if PAD increases from tourism it will not be heavy," said Uu.

    "Why? Because even though people spend a lot of money, but there is a feed back that is happiness and pleasure, so it doesn't feel. Even more is spent on tourism than tax," he explained.

    For that reason, Uu wants every region to involve the community in managing their tourism potential well. However, it should be noted in advance the supporting infrastructure.

    "The first thing to be encouraged is the place. It must be representative but the land status must be clear first. If the land status is clear, then we can help," said Uu.

    "Because the facilities and infrastructure are very important for comfort and pleasure, the tranquility of tourists," he continued.

    In addition, Uu added that residents around the tourism location should also be given guidance related to services to visitors. Do not make tourists disappointed because the attitude of the citizens is not good.

    "Our hope is also to the surrounding community, please friendly "someah hade ka semah", friendly to guests. So that visitors can feel at home, comfortable there (tourist attractions)," said Uu.

    The Jatigede Festival is an art and cultural event followed by six subdistricts around Jatigede Reservoir, namely: Jatigede District, Jatinunggal District, Wado District, Darmaraja District, Cisitu District, and Situraja District.

    There are also various typical Sumedang performances such as from the Dangiang Jagat Art Padepokan or bamboo music art, as well as bangreng art performances.

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