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    Safe Investment Information Must Be Continued to be Socialized


    BANDUNG-Community losses due to illegal investment reach trillions of rupiah. Data from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) losses during 2007 to 2017 reached Rp 105.81 trillion.

    Riwin Mirhadi, Head of the Consumer Education and Protection Section of the Regional Office of West Java OJK said that the high number of victims of bullying investment was due to the low level of public literacy related to safe investments because everyone psychologically wanted big profits without difficulty.

    "Because the victims also start from politicians, officials, even bank managers who clearly know what an investment is," he explained on the sidelines of gathering and capacity building for journalists covering the OJK Jabar's economy in Malang, East Java, September 27-29 2018.

    Apart from tempting advertisements, sometimes illegal investments use famous figures, artists and even religious leaders to promote or become endorsement artists. In this way, many people will believe.

    Whereas according to him, there is an appropriate step so that people do not become victims of bully investment. That is legal and logical. Legal in the sense of having permission from the local authority, in this case Indonesian Central Bank (BI) and OJK. Then the product offered must also be reasonable and in accordance with the conditions of the applicable rules.

    "For example, promising profits above the maximum limit set by BI. For example, there are those who offer an interest profit of 10 percent per month, which is not normal, right?" he said.

    Or he advised people who are hesitant to invest by calling 157 call centers that will be connected to the Investment Task Force. Jo

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