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    Regional Representative Council (DPRD) Plenary Meeting Produces Changing the Regional Budget Revenues and Expenditures (APBD) Recommendations 2018


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Regional Representative Council (DPRD) held a DPRD Plenary Meeting 2018 attended by the Governor and Vice Governor of West Java Province. The meeting discussed the Amendments to the 2018 APBD in the second floor DPRD Meeting Room Jl. Dipenegoro No. 27 Bandung, Friday (9/28/2018).

    The agenda of the meeting was read by the Chairperson of the West Java Provincial DPRD Sundari Purwadewi Ineu, which consists of two main agendas, namely the Establishment of the 2019 Provincial DPRD Provincial Work Plan in 2019 and the Amendment of Regional Budget Revenues and Expenditures (APBD) 2018.

    Following are some of the 2018 Amendment Budget recommendations that were read out in the Plenary Meeting, namely:

    1. The budget can run according to target;
    2. Budget management can be optimal and reach the target;
    3. Is a positive step that must be appreciated;
    4. It is expected that the budget is arranged based on priority scale and accompanied by effective supervision and clear punishment;
    5. There are still BUMD (Regional Owned Enterprises) that have not contributed yet;
    6. There needs to be guidance for problematic BUMD;
    7. Regarding the budget of West Java Province Diskominfo, regarding the procurement of smartphones in order to be adapted to the use and capabilities;
    8. The Budget Agency must be in accordance with the applicable Constitution related to budget sharing.
    9. Jabar Banten Bank must be able to maintain cash of 25%;
    10. Provincial BPJS Hospitals must provide optimal services;
    11. The Education budget of 75 billion for High School in city is transferred to the Province.

    Governor Emil, nicknamed Ridwan Kamil, said, "All strategic policies remain aimed at development in West Java, which must be considered, namely the placement of activities with the tender process must be mature, play an active role in the changes and the budget report must be timely to avoid buildup."

    Ineu explained that the 2019 DPRD Work Plan still needs further study. Some points of the DPRD Work Plan, namely the DPRD work plan in the form of a program for alignment, the alignment of the DPRD Work Plan to be discussed and stipulated in the Plenary Session, to become a guide to the DPRD Secretariat for the next year budget, DPRD performance report no later than 30 September 2018 .

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