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    Iriana Widodo is attracted to the uniqueness of the West Java stand


    JAKARTA - Chairperson and Vice of the Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) of West Java Province, Atalia Kamil and Lina Ruzhanul Ulum, attended the Kriya Nusa 2018 Exhibition which was opened by the Chairperson of the National Craft Council, Mufidah Kalla, at the Jakarta Convention Center, Wednesday (26/9 / 18).

    The exhibition which took the Aceh theme with Pucuk Rebung motif was held from September 26-30, 2018. It was followed by 313 craft stands and 21 culinary stands, consisting of 172 Dekranasda stands, 37 Ministry and BUMN stands, 76 individual crafters, and the rest were iconic Dekranas stands.

    In addition to exhibiting the work, this event invites designers to educate craftsmen and introduce the results of regional crafts to the wider community.

    Chairman of the West Java Dekranasda, Atalia Kamil, said at this exhibition, Dekranasda West Java Province presented something different. Many processed wastes, batik and leather will be an attraction for visitors. Like glass lamps that are in great demand by Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey and Europe.

    "What is interesting that we present wood waste which is processed into drums and clocks. Including we have products from banana midribs to bags. Later we will push in such a way that the right design hopefully can compete with other products, "continued Atalia.

    On this occasion also the wife of the President of Indonesia, Iriana Joko Widodo visited the Dekranasda stand in West Java Province. Atalia admitted, Iriana was very interested in banana midrib bags from Cirebon and glass lamps from Cianjur Regency.

    Atalia hopes that the theme of Kriya Nusa next year or the coming year will come from West Java. For this reason, she will try to negotiate with the General Chairman of Dekranas Mufidah Kalla to appoint West Java as an icon in the next exhibition.

    "Because of its extraordinary potential. We from upstream to downstream have a lot of potential. Ranging from weaving, batik, jeans, stones including shells. Everything is there in West Java, so the most important thing is that we are given the opportunity to show how unique and distinctive is in West Java, "she said.

    Then to improve competitiveness, said Atalia, this year the Dekranasda program in West Java Province will enter the field of natural fiber, such as coming from banana and other midrib fronds. Later, it will produce furniture and craft products that are of competitive value and able to improve the welfare of West Java craftsmen.

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