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    Indonesian Agriculture Festival and Camp, Millennial Jabar Planting Corn in Garut


    GARUT-Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, in the mission "Movement of a Million Young Farmers", conducted 4,275 Ha of Corn Planting activities, together with Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman, in the Al-Jabbar Mosque neighborhood, Karangwangi Village, Kec. Mekarmukti Garut Regency, Wednesday (26/9/18).

    The planting of corn was a series of activities of the Indonesian Agriculture Festival and Camp, which was attended by young Indonesian Youth Movement (Gempita), along with a number of Islamic youth organizations.

    The Islamic youth organizations joined in the activities include the Islamic Student Association (HMI), the Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM), the Indonesian Islamic Youth Movement (GPII), the Indonesian Muslim Student Action Unit (KAMMI), the Exact Student Association and the Islamic Student Association.

    The youth will do a "camp" or stay at the location of the corn planting until harvest. While the corn harvest time is targeted for four months from planting to harvest.

    The Minister of Agriculture explained, the purpose of corn cultivation is to 'awaken' the young generation to want to go into the agricultural sector. At the same time, as an effort to boost corn production.

    "Our import (corn) recommendations are closed. We used to import 3.6 million tons of corn, equivalent to Rp10 trillion, but today we close imports and export," Amran explained.

    Amran hopes, with today's modern agricultural technology, farming, can be a business choice for young people to achieve success and wealth. Minister of Agriculture is optimistic about this, because he revealed that 8 of the 10 richest entrepreneurs in Indonesia, engaged in the agricultural sector.

    The old paradigm, call mentan, the impression that the farmer works dirty-dirt, tired, but the income is not much. However, the Jokowi-JK Government changed the paradigm with modern agriculture. Through agricultural machinery, young people are now interested in going to the fields.

    In this activity, in addition to planting, Minister of Agriculture Amran also provided assistance in the form of seeds and agricultural machinery, namely four-wheel tractors as many as 17 units, excavators and corn seeds and fertilizer. The Minister of Agriculture also provided 500 chickens to the peasant youth.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, appreciated the Ministry of Agriculture's program in printing millennial farmers. The reason is that agricultural development is a priority program to increase the country's economic growth while strengthening the country's self-esteem.

    "The pride of a nation is determined by the economy of its people. If the economy is great, then a nation is honored. On the other hand, if the nation's economy is weak, there is no national self-esteem, "he said.

    "Why do you also need agriculture? Even though our education is great, technology is advanced, but food is not available, we will not be stable in politics and state. Therefore, the government continues to try to improve the economy of the community, one of which is through agriculture. Because food is the work of farmers, "said Uu.

    Garut Regent, Rudi Gunawan, said Garut was the third largest regency in West Java Province. Furthermore, Rudi revealed that the Ministry of Agriculture's programs and assistance had provided tangible results for agricultural development in Garut Regency. One of them is capable of producing 700 thousand tons of corn per year or IDR 3 trillion.

    We have received hundreds of assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture. Agricultural machinery, seeds and other assistance. With the help of the Ministry of Agriculture, succeeded in mobilizing youth and streamlining the costs of farming. Farmers get substantial profits. If before the Ministry of Agriculture's program and assistance, the costs incurred were large and needed a long time, "he said.

    Present at the event, 0611 Dandim  Garut, Lt. Col. Inf Asyraf Azis, Head of Counseling Agency, Agricultural HR Development, Momon Rusmono and Head of the West Java Provincial Agriculture Office, Hendy Jatnika.

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