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    The Governor of West Java Optimistic Citarum Becomes the Most Beautiful Place in Indonesia


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil is optimistic that the Citarum river which was once considered the dirtiest in the world will become one of the most beautiful places in the country. Therefore, leaders must often coordinate with all parties so that the Citarum Harum vision can be realized quickly.

    "My commitment for the future will often be to hold meetings to coordinate changes to the Citarum river," he told reporters in the Citarum river area in Bandung Regency on Wednesday (09/26/2018).

    The West Java Governor also made an attempt to check around the banks of the Citarum river. That matter, in accordance with the vision and mission of West Java Champion stating that if problems are found in the environmental crisis, the Citarum river should be prioritized.

    "We appreciate that cohesiveness has begun to be seen. Leadership is also coming so that it can be combined between leadership and cohesiveness. I am very optimistic we will bring about change," he explained.

    Entering the dry season the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java, including the Citarum river task force, will dredge. He admitted that all this time the dredging process was still not optimal because the number of tools was still small. "Then the day after tomorrow I will start working as needed," he added.

    Furthermore, Kang Emil, the nickname of the West Java Governor, will realize the Citarum area as a place of community environmental culture. It began with the collaboration of artists initiated by Tisna Sanjaya.

    In addition, continued Kang Emil, it will continue to improve the Citarum river from upstream to downstream. In fact, the law enforcement discourse continues to be carried out so that there is no longer any action to throw garbage or waste into the river.

    He appealed to companies located on the banks of the Citarum river, both from the level of directors until their employees helped clean up the waste they disposed of.

    "It is expected that within a matter of months, fellow journalists can see this place as an extraordinary thing," he concluded. (Pun)

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