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    Emil Inaugurates Children's Hygiene Command


    BANDUNG REGENCY-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil inaugurates Child Hygiene Command Forces. This force will maintain the flow and banks of the Citarum river precisely in Sector 7 which is located in Sangkanhurip Village, Katapang District, Bandung Regency.

    Emil, the Governor's nickname, appointed Agung who was 12 years old as Commander of the Children's Hygiene Command. The inauguration was held in a park that was being built by the Indonesia National Army (TNI) right on the edge of the Citarum river. Agung also immediately invited several friends of his age to become members.

    "With this, Governor of West Java inaugurated the Children's Hygiene Command in this area with a sign of Citarum Harum, West Java Champion," said Emil who was immediately followed by troops and witnessed by the Regional Commander III Siliwangi and the West Java Regional Police, Wednesday (26/9/18).

    Emil's message to the 15 new troops, to keep the Citarum river from being littered. This will teach children as heirs of Citarum about the importance of protecting the river.

    "The task of the commander now invites his friends to maintain cleanliness and do not throw anything into the Citarum river. It is only clean in this area," he said.

    If there are children who litter, Emil asks Agung to immediately prevent it.

    "Agung must be brave, if the reason is there is no trash can or enter into the pocket first like the way the Governor, later if you find a new garbage bin," said Emil to Agung.

    Emil said, maintaining and cleaning the Citarum river would not be forever carried out by the TNI and the National Police (Polri). One day the community will definitely continue. Therefore, Emil hopes that the people in Katapang will make a similar handling system by the TNI and Polri. His discipline and hard work must also be followed by the community.

    "Request to the community here for a system similar to that of the TNI-Polri against Citarum. Discipline and rapid work must be modeled by the community," Emil ordered.

    As Commander of the Hygiene Command of Children who had just been appointed, Agung claimed to be ready to carry out the mandate from the Governor. He will also invite more members who are ready to contribute to safeguarding the Citarum river.

    "Ready to carry out what the governor ordered and will invite other friends," said Agung, who is still in the first grade of junior high school.

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