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    Ministry of Communication and Informatics Encourages Growth of Digital Industry Startups


    BANDUNG - The Ministry of Communication and Informatics appreciates the Bandung ITC Expo activities in the Telkom University (Tel-U) degree, which is followed by dozens of companies engaged in digital products in Indonesia.

    Director General of Post and Informatics Abuse of the Terror of Communication and Information, Ahmad M. Ramli hopes, Bandung ITC Expo can be a good place to build new innovations in the digital field because these activities unite or bring together campus and industry.

    "I hope this activity continues to be carried out and its implementation must be more clearly meaning what is researched and what is produced in the research can be implemented and commercialized," he said.

    Ahmad also hopes that in the future new startups will grow in the digital economy because the challenge for the future of our changing industry is in the digital industry.

    "This activity is in line with the digital economy for the welfare of the community and what is exhibited as innovative works is very good, and what is important is invited by business people because this is the function of PT to absorb industrial needs," he said. (Parno)

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