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    107 Factories Allegedly Dispose of Industrial Waste to the Citarum River


    BANDUNG-West Java Regional Police is committed to investigating companies or factories that dispose of industrial waste into the Citarum river. Based on records from the West Java Regional Police, around 107 companies were allegedly involved in the case.

    West Java head of the provincial police Irjend Pol Agung Budi Marwoto said, of the 107 factories, 57 of them were being handled by the West Java Regional Police. Meanwhile, those handled by the police level which are in I to XXI as many as 55 companies.

    "Those who have entered the case to the Prosecutor's level are 8 companies. The rest are waiting for the results of the Ministry of Environment's investigation and investigation and filing," he told reporters in the Citarum river area in Bandung Regency, Wednesday (09/26/2018).

    Agung revealed that environmental law enforcement is regulated in the Act so that in the process the Police must coordinate with the Ministry of Environment (KLH) in law enforcement efforts.

    The process of law enforcement in the preservation of the environment, continued Agung, First, began to be taken samples that must be witnessed by the plant management. Then brought to the laboratory. If, it is still below the normal limit, it will be given a written warning from the Ministry of Environment

    "If, the excess is above the threshold then in the process it can go up to the level of investigation," he said. Agung emphasized that if the Citarum Harum program succeeded in the next five years, it would be useful for the wider community even for future generations.

    "So I emphasize that there is no more playing with polluting the environment, so we will act firmly," he said. The Commander of the Siliwangi III, the Great Major General of Indonesian National Army Harto Karyawan added that the Citarum area would be used as a tourist spot for the entire community.

    "There is a thought from the Governor of West Java that this place can be used as a West Java monument or icon, so that in the future Citarum will become a tourist destination for the whole community," he concluded. (Pun)

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