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    Coffee Curriculum Starts to be Applied in West Java


    SUMEDANG - Indonesian Economic Coordinating Minister (Menko) Darmin Nasution was present at the Vocational High School (SMK) Agriculture Country Development (PPN) Tanjung Sari in Sumedang Regency, Monday afternoon (09/24/2018). Together with West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil or Kang Emil, Coordinating Minister for Economy Darmin Nasution was present to inaugurate the Coffee Curriculum which became the National Pilot Project.

    "We want this coffee not only to be a mere people's commodity, but it must have knowledge, there is a theoretical basis to be eternal. Therefore we start here to apply the learning curriculum about the ins and outs of coffee plants. We start early," Darmin said.

    Like the tit for tat, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil appreciated the move when West Java was once again promoting coffee in Pasundan.

    "Of course we welcome this, because we are also incessantly reviving Java Preangar coffee which has become a characteristic of coffee from West Java since the colonial era," said Emil.

    According to Emil, this is also in line with the government program where villages and cities in West Java advance together economically with their respective strengths.

    "Especially if it is helped by a digital system that we call the digital economy era, everything will be simplified and accelerated but without eliminating local wisdom," Emil said firmly.

    The arrival of Darmin Nasution and Kang Emil at the SMK PPN Tanjungsari was welcomed by enthusiastic school residents from students, teachers to education personnel. (Pun)

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