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    PDD Must Support the Industrial Development Zone


    JAKARTA-The West Java Provincial Government plan to make a program study out of domicile (PDD) under the auspices of the colleges continue to have support. It get the fully support by the central government through the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti).

    Minister Muhammad Nasir in a meeting with the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said that these construction should be able to contribute to regional development, particularly industrial estates and human resource development.

    "I want it can give positive impact on human resources in West Java and to the industry, so that the existence of Universities able to increase its research, especially in the fields of industry, as example in Japan," said Nasir in a meeting held in Kemenristek Building, Central Jakarta, on Monday (07/02/16).

    "The research by universities also have to really able to help and be implemented in the fields of industry," added Nasir.

    Nasir also stressed the future it could help economic development and human resources, so that PDD is built not only to increase the number of students merely.

    In line with Minister Muhammad Nasir, Vice Governor also said PDD development will greatly help the economy and increase the human resource capacity, especially this time the West Java provincial government has been developing a Cirebon Metropolitan area.

    "The PDD will greatly support the development of the region where the PDD was. In Cirebon, it will help the development of Cirebon metropolitan areas," said Vice Governor at the meeting.

    While in the field of technology, ITB with its PDD will be able to help and anticipate technological development in the field of industry. So that the provincial government was ready and will continue to push on the realisation this PDD.

    ITB PDD will be built in two areas, namely in Cirebon and Bekasi Regency. In Cirebon District, there has been a land area of 42 hectares which is a grant from Cirebon regency (30 hectares) and the Provincial Government of West Java (12 hectares).

    While in Bekasi, ITB PDD is planned to be built in one of the industrial areas on 40 hectares of land which is a grant from the Sinarmas company.

    This meeting was also presented by Director General of Kemenristek, the regent of Bekasi, the head of West Java Bappeda, Head of Education Department of West Java, ITB Rector and his staff, as well as relevant officials in the West Java province.

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