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    Emil Supports Acceleration of Land Legality


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil hopes that problems regarding land disputes can be resolved as soon as possible. This is to support a number of infrastructure development plans in West Java that are being launched.

    Emil, as he was familiarly called, gave an example, the plan to construct and reactivate the four railway lines would use occupied land but it had no legal basis or legality of land ownership.

    "We will have a four-track development program that will lead to lands that are not legal basis but inhabited, right," said Emil after attending the Commemoration of Agrarian and National Spatial Planning at the West Java level in the West Java Regional Office of the National Land Agency (BPN) Bandung on Monday. (24/9/18).

    Emil added that if land rights were not legalized properly, the acceleration of development would slow to 50 percent.

    "Because the time is up not to build but it is up to map whose rights are," he said.

    In addition to the development of four railway lines, toll roads will also be built from Bandung to Cilacap and the construction of flyovers in the city of Bandung. Emil is optimistic that through the Complete Systematic Land Registration (PTSL) program of the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning, there will be no more land dispute issues which currently are at 56 percent. It also fully supports BPN West Java Regional Office in accelerating the program, both through campaigns and a number of programs.

    "I offered to head the West Java BPN for support in accelerating this, whether we are campaigning or making our program ready because we are also representatives of the central government," he explained.

    Emil also asked the community to legalize their land in coordination with the BPN offices of each region.

    "To the community to immediately interact with BPN in their respective regions," he said.

    Through the momentum of the West Java National Agrarian and Spatial Planning Day Commemoration, Emil hopes justice and prosperity can be felt by all West Java residents, business actors and government elements who build on the basis of legality and awareness of the importance of land legality.

    "On behalf of the West Java Provincial Government, the National Agrarian and Spatial Planning Day survived," he said.

    On that occasion, the Governor also presented the Satya Lancana Karya Satya award from the President of the Republic of Indonesia to ASN in the Regional Office of the West Java BPN.

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