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    Agrarian Reform Overcome Economic Gap


    BANDUNG-In realizing economic equality. Economic growth alone is not enough but must be accompanied by inclusive and fair quality for all levels of society.

    This was stated by Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution after opening the Global Land Forum at the Gedung Merdeka in Bandung on Monday (9/22/2018).

    Darmin said that the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo had launched an economic policy on three pillars, namely the provision of land, employment opportunities and improving the quality of Human Resources (SDM). The three pillars are implemented through agrarian reform so that through this program economic disparities can be overcome.

    The Agrarian reform program is not just helping to improve the community but provides skills training, capital and marketing assistance especially for farmers.

    "It is different from past policies, such as the transmigration pattern because they were left to open and process their own facilities without market capital support and skills," he said

    Farmers will get assistance from village funds such as providing agricultural production equipment, harvesting facilities, obtaining people's business credit from state-owned banks, private companies and obtaining marketing guarantees for their production.

    Darmin added, the land cluster system is managed in groups, namely planting one type of superior commodity for each group such as sengon or horticulture so that the business has the competitiveness of achieving economic scale and good productivity.

    One cluster consists of two villages depending on the amount of land and the farmer. The cluster system also encourages the creation of economic transformation.

    "Through agrarian reform we not only provide rights to land or access but at the same time provide convenience in capital, market share and the required expertise," he concluded. jo

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