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    Once Three Months, Emil Will Visit to the Region


    BANDUNG-To maintain communication between the Governor / vice Governor and the Regent / Mayor, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil will visit each region every three months. This effort is a communication step for the Regional Government of West Java Province to realize West Java Champion in the next five years.

    "We have committed, the Regents / Mayors will meet with the Governor and Deputy Governor every three months to maintain friendship. Keeping rotating communication from the regions to the regions, so that we can appreciate and enjoy the diversity of West Java culture, starts the plan in Bekasi city," said Emil, his nickname, in his address during the inauguration of six regents / Vice regents and mayors / Vice mayors in the Gedung Merdeka, Jl. Asia Afrika Bandung City, Thursday (20/9/18).

    "Hopefully this new communication pattern will maintain harmonization, so that West Java Champion becomes the best province in Indonesia, we can realize it in the next five years," he continued.

    Emil also advised that there should be synchronization between the vision and mision of the Central Government and the vision and mission of the West Java Provincial Government through the spirit of West Java in the Inner Birth Champion. Development programs carried out only for the welfare and happiness of the people.

    "There will be programs that will be entrusted solely to make our people prosper and happy. Because basically the citizenry of ladies and gentlement are our citizenry too. Where their happiness is also our happiness too, "he said.

    West Java upright in Pancasila & The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI)

    At this inauguration event, Governor Emil also emphasized that West Java must be upright in Pacasila and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) frame. In addition, religious values also need to be maintained.

    "We leave West Java must be upright in Pancasila, West Java must be upright in the NKRI frame, West Java must be strong in religiosity," explained Emil.

    According to Emil, currently, being a leader is not easy. Because every leader's words, actions, and gestures will be the public attention.

    "I leave the leaders to maintain oral care, because today oral is sometimes and can be disastrous," said Emil.

    "Therefore, what we say for help really comes from a thought that has been carefully thought out. "Take action, because every step we take, our gestures will be interpreted by the community, so being an exemplary leader is not easy," he said.

    Another thing, in the presence of the regional heads who were inaugurated, Emil reminded that power was a means to make changes in society. Every decision taken by a leader must be quality and have a good impact on the community.

    "I also remind you that power is a vehicle not a destination. This is our means of bringing goodness, bringing change to society, so that every day do not do things that are futile or devoted to time, "said Emil.

    "Every day take a positive decision. Leader quality is measured by the quality of the decision. "The more positive decisions that will be made, the character of the quality of the leader is positive in the eyes of the community," he added.

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