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    Citarum Harum, This Is Emil's Plan


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java Mochamad Ridwan Kamil said, the West Java Provincial Government would immediately complete the Citarum River normalization effort in line with the issuance of Presidential Regulation Number 15 of 2018 concerning Acceleration of Citarum River Basin Pollution and Damage Control.

    At present, said Emil, her nickname is in the process of being discussed with the Citarum Task Force to follow up on the Perpres.

    Emil said,  in realizing Citarum Harum, currently, short, medium, and long term achievement estimates are needed.

    For the short term, Emil said it would prepare a dredging machine that would be a waste cleaning tool on the banks of the Citarum river.

    "We are preparing, mapping, and one of them is making a garbage dumping machine by Pindad," said Governor Emil at Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (18/9/18).

    "So, for taking the trash can be assisted with technology later. Hopefully this will start my role as the Dan Citarum Task Force," he said.

    With this machine, Emil hopes that solid waste matters in the Citarum River can be overcome.

    The medium-term priority scale is the resolution of the waste problem. In the long term, Emil wants the transfer of industries around the Citarum River to a new location.

    In addition, explained Emil, the handling of the Citarum River requires the cooperation of all stakeholders.

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