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    Emil: The Potential EBT of West Java is high


    BANDUNG- Governor of West Java Mochamad Ridwan Kamil said energy problems, especially in the West Java region, have the potential to provide biomass, water energy, geothermal resources as an opportunity for the utilization of new renewable energy (EBT).

    "The potential of EBT can reduce dependence on fossil energy by 72% of all final energy consumption," said the Governor, in his speech at the Plenary Meeting of the West Java DPRD, Wednesday (09/19).

    According to the Governor, in the existing condition, the use of final energy consumption for the four user sectors, industrial, commercial, household and public dominated by electric power and specifically the transportation sector is almost entirely dependent on fuel oil (BBM).

    "The potential of EBT is not carried out directly  and must be transformed into electricity which is currently managed by PT PLN, especially in West Java through the Bali Madura Java Distribution network," he said.

    The governor said only about 15 percent of the electricity supply in West Java entered Bali's Java Madura network, which was generated by power plants sourced from EBT and the rest was an electricity supply installation of gas or coal-fired power plants.

    "The value of investment to build an electricity supply provider sourced from EBT is higher than the investment in building a gas or coal-fired power plant," he said. (Parno)

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