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    National Transportation Day 2018, Safety Prices of Dead-Service Wholeheartedly


    BANDUNG - The National Transportation Day 2018 (Harhubnas) is a reflection of the importance of safety and service in the world of transportation. Safety is a fixed price and service is also requested to done wholeheartedly by the national transportation personnel.

    It's become an important message in Harbunas this year with the theme: "Pillars of Harmony to Realize Better Transportation Connectivity and Safety". Harhubnas is celebrated on September, 17, every year.

    At the West Java Provincial Level, Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil became the builder of the 2018 Harhubnas Celebration Ceremony, at the Gedung Sate Home, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung City, Wednesday (19/9/18).

    "Safety is a fixed price to always be the main value of a safety problem. Secondly, safety is a whole-hearted service. That is the message of the Ministry of Transportation," said Ridwan Kamil, after the ceremony.

    Furthermore Emil, his nickname, also commits to absorb the transportation budget quickly. This is realized by West Java with the realization of the budget to buy road dividers like road barrier technology that will be installed at road points that are considered vulnerable in West Java.

    "Hopefully, the budget absorption will be accelerated without violating the rules," Emil said.

    "So, we have translated it for safety, as discourse we have prepared budgeting to buy security with cylinder technology or road barrier," he explained.

    In addition, West Java will continue to increase train-based transportation. In the near future, the Central Government will also provide 50 bus grants that will be distributed to areas with heavy transportation movements.

    Emil added that the smoothness or transportation became the key or the pulse of development. While, the toll road and train transportation capacity in West Java are not yet ideal.

    "The key is smoothness. Inflation depends on transportation, the pulse of the economy depends on transportation. We still lack toll roads because ideally are triple, we are also not ideal railroad, ideally five times," said Emil.

    "If it's done, the ideal connection will only be reached in West Java," he continued.

    'Guyub Rukun' Building Transportation Connectivity & Safety

    With the theme of Harhubnas this year's,  "Pillars of Harmony to Realize Better Transportation Connectivity and Safety", the Indonesian Minister of Transportation (Menhub) Budi Karya Sumadi invited all national transportation personnel to be in harmony or to build connectivity for the transportation user. This can be realized with the development of reliable transportation.

    "This (Harhubnas theme) presents how all the transportation elements together are 'guyub rukun' synergizing to build connectivity for realize reliable and safe transportation for transportation user," said the Minister of Transportation in his message read by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil in the National Transportation Day 2018 of West Java Ceremony.

    Transportation personnel also asked self-monitor about various implementation of activities in the transportation sector carried out so far. Another thing is a reflection of Harhubnas is the importance of consistency in the spectrum of safety and the spectrum of friendly or service and hospitality services.

    "Although efficiency in several stages of activities, but for managing it, shouldn't reduce the quality of transportation safety and service which is a non-negotiable fixed price," he said.

    The success of development also strongly influenced by transportation as the lifeblood of economic, political, social, cultural and defense life. The role of transportation is very strategic, so human resources for transportation are required to strengthen their commitment and dedication.

    "Human resources of transportation are required to strengthen the commitment and dedication of real hard work in the transportation sector, because this is part of efforts to improve the welfare of the nation and efforts to provide the best service for the community," he added.

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