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    The Government Promotes Ciletuh Palabuhanratu Geopark at the UNESCO Geo Fair


    BANDUNG-The struggle has not stopped even though the earth park or Geopark Batur, Mount Sewu, Rinjani and Ciletuh Palabuhanratu have been crowned as world earth park heritage by the United Nations Agency (PBB) for Social and Cultural Affairs (UNESCO).

    Through the 8th UNESCO Geopark Global International Conference at Madonna di Campiglio, Italy on September 8-14 2018, the Government of Indonesia continues to promote various geoparks and the ongoing implementation of sustainable development.

    The Secretary of the Deputy for Maritime Human Resources, Science and Technology and Coordination of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Wijayanti representing the Deputy claimed to be proud of the participation of the central and regional governments in this international level park event.

    This opportunity is very good for Indonesia, which is developing geopark both national geopark status such as Toba Caldera, Merangin Jambi, Belitong, Raja Ampat, Tambora, Maros-Pangkep, and Bojonegoro, as well as those with global status including Batur, Sewu Mount, Rinjani and Ciletuh -Palabuhanratu.

    "There are two main events followed by the Republic of Indonesia delegation, namely the Geopark and Sustainable Development conference," said Wijayanti in her official statement in Bandung, Friday (9/14/2018).

    With Indonesia's participation, said Wijayanti, the government hopes to build networks and cooperation to develop geopark with a sustainable concept.

    "Our agenda here is sharing experiences or comparative studies with other geoparks in the world and participating in an earth park exhibition held by UNESCO," he said. (Jo)

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