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    Jabar Quick Response Emergency Solution for Humanitarian Problems in West Java


    BANDUNG-As part of the 100-day program and also to improve the state's procedures to help its citizens, West Java Governor M. Ridwan Kamil launched the West Java Quick Response program in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Tuesday (18/9).

    "Today we are launching Jabar Quick Response in order to help West Java residents who are in emergency. The key is emergency," said Emil, greeting Ridwan Kamil.

    Emil revealed that people can report themselves, neighbors, relatives, or anyone else who is in an emergency through Jabar Quick Response, then assistance will come in a short time, without waiting long.

    "A little example, if someone can't eat, then we send rice as soon as possible, there is a house that collapses, we wake up as soon as possible, health problems, cannot pay doctors or hospitals, we will help, education problems, such as orphans who cannot pay, whatever the problem, we will help, "he said.

    West Java people can contact Jabar Quick Response through several ways, can be via the hotline 08111-35-7777 and text to 1708 (LAPOR). In addition, it can also be through social media with Instagram addresses (@jabarquickresponse), Twitter (JabarQR), and also Facebook (Jabar Quick Response).

    Jabar Quick Response is managed by a joint coordination between the West Java Provincial Government in collaboration with humanitarian social activist volunteers. Funding for this program will also use government funds and also cooperation with parties outside the government.

    "For funding sources alone, it can be from anywhere, if it is related to government programs, the funds can be from the Government, but if it is not and relates to humanity, the funds can be from zakat, infaq, or sodaqoh, and later will also be managed professionally," he concluded .

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