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    11 West Java Development Priorities 2018


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java, M. Ridwan Kamil stated, that in drafting the plan of Regional Expenditure Budget (RAPBD) Amendments to the 2018 fiscal year, first there needs to be a discussion on the draft General Changes Policy (KUP) APBD and Temporary Budget Priority and Ceiling (PPAS ) jointly between the Regional Government Budget Team (TPAD) and the DPRD Budget Agency.

    "In accordance with the provisions contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 21 of 2011 concerning Second Amendment to Permendagri no. 13 of 2006 concerning Guidelines for Regional Financial Management and Permendagri no. 33 of 2017 concerning APBD Preparation Guidelines for 2018 Fiscal Year, "he said.

    According to the Governor, discussions carried out between the West Java Provincial Government and the West Java DPRD resulted in an agreement on several matters that would be a general and basic provision for the preparation of the 2018 Amendment RAPBD.

    "The implementation of development in 2018 has an important meaning in the implementation of West Java's development, considering this year there was a change in the leadership relay from the period 2013-2018 to the period 2018-2023," he said.

    The Governor expects, this change will bring goodness, the acceleration that leads to an increase in the community of West Java as a whole, in line with our mission to realize the champion of inner spirit.

    "Changes to the 2018 APBD are prepared to complete the construction of the 2013-2018 period and become the beginning of the development period 2018-2023," said the Governor, after signing the Memorandum of Understanding on KUP-APBD and PPAS Amendments to the West Java Provincial Budget in 2018, in the Banmus Room of West Java DPRD, Monday (17/09) night.

    According to the Governor, with these changes, the general policy and program priorities as well as the provisional budget ceiling in the RAPBD Amendment for 2018 Fiscal Year are prepared based on the regional development priorities of West Java Province in 2018, with details
    1) Access and quality of education and religion;
    2) Access and quality of health services;
    3) Provision of basic residential service infrastructure and strategic infrastructure in urban and rural areas;
    4) Improving the investment climate, business competitiveness and tourism;
    5) Increasing food, energy and water resources security;
    6) Increasing the capacity of cooperatives and small and medium enterprises (KUKM) and industrial competitiveness;
    7) Legal politics and governance;
    8) Management of natural resources, environment and disaster management;
    9) Poverty reduction;
    10) Increasing regional spatial planning; and
    11) Improvement of population quality.

    "The priority of regional development in the level of budgeting is accommodated by the regional expenditure policy in 2018 which is pursued by the arrangement of accountable, proportional, efficient and effective spending patterns," he said. (Parno)

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