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    PB PON XIX Prepares the Advocacy Team


    BANDUNG-General Secretary PB PON XIX 2016 West Java Ahmad Hadadi said it has discussed the technical advocacy coordination of the West Java Police, attorneys and other interested parties to participate in the implementation of PON XIX 2016.

    According to the advocacy team consisted of police, prosecutors and lawyers from the elements, especially to escort and provide consideration in administrative management of PON XIX 2016.

    "If there are things that need to be consulted, especially concerning the administration management of PON XIX, it can immediately request consideration to the advocacy team, so we can keep on the orderly track and successful administration," said Ahmad Hadadi.

    On that occasion, he stated commitment PB PON XIX 2016 In West Java to carry out the four keys success, that are successful achievement, successful as a host, successful economic empowerment and successful administration.

    Efforts undertaken by PB PON XIX 2016 and the West Java provincial government, said it has since long time ago, including cooperating with the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) and the Commission Eradicating Corruption (KPK) to always give direction in every step of budgeting and administrative reporting.

    "As the West Java Police chief said that PON XIX 2016 does not mess around, so we do it with all resources and efforts in order to optimising PON XIX implementation and also can be felt throughout the country, moreover to realise the four key success in West Java," he said.

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