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    Pangdam III / Siliwangi Explored the Citarum River


    VANDUNG-Pangdam III / Siliwangi Maj. Gen. TNI Great Harto Employees, using a Catamaran boat, conducts a direct observation of the Citarum River in the Sector 6 Citarum Harum Task Force Command Post in Dayeuhkolot Village, Bojongsoang District,Regency of Bandung, Tuesday (18/09).

    According to Harto, the progress of the Citarum activities that are currently underway has been running within 6 months. from morning, afternoon and night the Maung Siliwangi soldiers with the community are cooperate to carry out the revitalization of the return of the Citarum river.

    "We see changes in the dynamics of life along the Citarum River have undergone a change, if we look at this background the community has started doing a lot of activities including fishing. "The mindset that we planted to make the river as the front porch of our house has gone well," he said.

    According to Harto, the awareness of the community around the riverbank is good enough. This can be seen from the approximately 500 housing units on the riverbank which they uncover with no coercion and now along the banks become open, and are used as playgrounds, sports and entertainment facilities the community.

    "After dismantling, we see this long wall, we are beautifying it into beautiful mural paintings that will accompany the beauty along the Citarum river," he said.

    Harto hopes that, according to Presidential Decree 15 concerning Citarum which is valid for 7 years, he hopes that in the next 2 years the Citarum River will be better, therefore he invites the compact community, enthusiasm, and asks the awareness of industry players to be able to control their waste.

    "Various efforts continue to be made so that the Citarum River is better, one of which is by forcing us to do casting waste disposal if we prove that they dispose of waste without going through the IPAL process properly," he said. (Parno)

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