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    Ridwan Kamil Instructs All Agencies to Have Social Media Accounts


    BANDUNG-In the inaugural Leadership Meeting (Rapim) with the heads of regional apparatus of the West Java Provincial Government, Governor Ridwan Kamil conveyed several direction and development targets to be achieved.

    In addition to follow his work methods and leadership style, Emil, his nickname, also instructed all agencies to have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    "I instruct all offices to have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram social media account," Emil said in Gedung Sate, Monday (17/9/18).

    Through the social media account, hopefully the government will respond more quickly to public complaints. In addition, it can also be an educational media and information on the progress of development programs to the citizens.

    "We must have a team that responds quickly. So, the West Java Provincial Government becomes a responsive." he said.

    From the results of the West Java Team Optimization and Synchronization Team, there are 740 programs resulting from the aspirations of the community. The 740 programs then become the West Java RPJMD for the next five years. So, all West Java OPDs must immediately work quickly to realize the aspirations of them.

    "We will work on 740 programs, it's aspirations from the citizens combined with a political vision and mission. We will evaluate the progress every four months," he explained.

    Furthermore, Emil said, within one week the heads of service to echelon IV officials would sign an integrity pact on work contracts with him. If at that time it cannot meet the target, the official must resign from his position.

    "Within a week they have to sign an integrity pact on a work contract with me, if it fails or does not succeed it becomes a letter of resignation from the position. This applies to service heads to echelon IV," said Emil.

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