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    Ridwan Kamil Invites Civil Servant of West Java Provincial Government to Follow His Working Style


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil led his first briefing since he was appointed. In his direction, He said every leader has different styles, methods and habits. So, he requested ASN to adjust how he works.

    "This is my first briefing as Governor to provide direction related to what must be observed during the next 5 years," said the Governor with his nickname, Emil, Monday (09/17/2018).

    "ASN must be like water, adjusting to the shape where it is located, meaning to follow the leader's style," he said.

    He said, ASN must be fast at work and serving the citizens. They were also asked to adjust to the times such as utilizing information technology, responsiveness and professionalism.

    "Mister and mistress if still 'clueless' must know because now, people more sophisticated. That's why I have social media, the content is positive news, answering the questions of citizens, posting activities, educating with advice," he explained.

    To maintain health and fitness in service, Emil also advised ASN to use bicycles as his habits if left and went home from work.

    "I often ride a bicycle until now, let's do it together," he said.

    Emil explained ASN is measured by three values, integrity, professionalism and sincerity in serving. To improve them, it is planned in the near future he will send a number of ASN to study abroad gradually. Emil has a network in several countries to send ASN as he did when he still became Mayor of Bandung.

    "I am, with the network that I built, have sent ASN to America for a course, Insya Allah, now as a Governor, as an affection for ASN's professionalism, I will make the program, closest to Singapore, every time, Insya Allah, for increase a class," he explained.

    Beside of ASN, Emil also advised to Kamdal of Gedung Sate to be more friendly to the citizens. He has planned to organize Gedung Sate into a more tourist-friendly area. That way, this historic building will be increasingly visited by people and tourists.

    "The Gedung Sate will be turned into a more tourist-friendly area because this is the people's house as well, so, Kamdal must be smiling but also firm," he said.

    This briefing was also attended by West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa, and echelon II officials. At the end of briefing the new Governor pair greeted to the ASNs who were marching as a sign of their introduction.

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