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    Ridwan Kamil Becomes Honorary Member of the Bikers Brotherhood


    BANDUNG - Brother Emil, members of the Bikers Brotherhood are now calling the title to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil. The reason, Emil from now on has become an honorary member or Honorary Member of the Bikers Brotherhood.

    The Honorary Member's attachment was given by the Chairman of the Brotherhood Bikers Pegy Diar to Emil, the governor's nickname, during the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Brotherhood Bikers centered in the Perjuangan Rakyat Jabar Monument area, Jl. Dipatiukur Bandung City, Saturday (9/15/18) night. The embedding was marked by the installation of belts with honorary member numbers, jackets and vests.

    According to a frontman who is also the founder of the Bikers Brotherhood, Budi Dalton, the Honorary Member's attachment to Ridwan Kamil was not because of his position as a governor.

    "it is not because Kang Ridwan Kamil is a governor now, suddenly we want to give the status of an honorary member, not that," said Budi.

    According to Budi, the embedding of the honorary member must go through a long process. His side has been monitoring the progress of Ridwan Kamil since 2012.

    "I have noticed from 2012. At that time we held a ceremony with thousands of member bikers brotherhood and then there was someone using a heritage motorbike whose name was Ridwan Kamil. At that time we never knew who he was and now suddenly in front of us," he explained.

    Budi explained, when the Bikers Brotherhood state its commitment to serve the country, it would recruit anyone who has the same vision and mission towards the progress of this country.

    "We value Ridwan Kamil to have all that and he is very willing to be a big family of the Bikers Brotherhood," Budi said.

    Responding to this, Governor Emil claimed he did not expect to have an honorary member of the largest motorcycle community in Indonesia.

    "Thank you, I will take good care of this noble status and I will use everything in myself as long as it is for the good of me to be present with all of you," Emil exclaimed to the thousands of Bikers who were present from various motorcycle communities.

    Emil said, if the Honorary Member is useful then it will be happy to wish for the status he deems special. He also conveyed to all motorcycle communities in West Java that he was the father of all West Java residents.

    "I am the parent of all of you who love the land of West Java," he said.

    He said, since being appointed Governor, many programs have been prepared. Seeing the huge bikers interest, Emil plans in the near future to build facilities to accommodate useful motorbike community activities.

    "I see the enthusiasm of these bikers is extraordinary, maybe in the near future we are looking for a large amount of land that can be used every year by all motorcycle communities to carry out activities that are maximal and useful. As long as it's positive, Ridwan Kamil must be behind the activity," he said. .

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