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    Vice Governor Releases 22,224 Balloons in the 19th Bekasi Anniversary


    BEKASI-Bekasi City Government held a ceremony that attended by thousands of Civil State Apparatus (ASN) Bekasi government in the 19th Bekasi City Anniversary at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Saturday (05/3/2016). It was also attended by Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi.

    This ceremony was a series of the 19th Bekasi Anniversary events on March 10. It was attended by 19,000 Bekasi government officials as well as hundreds of students in Bekasi. The event was enlivened by convening a colossal dance performed by thousands of SMA/SMK students in Bekasi.
    As a commitment to build Bekasi more advance, was also practiced reading of the Declaration of Apparatus Integrity, which was read by the Bekasi Regional Secretary and followed by ASN of Bekasi City. 

    Here is the contents of the Declaration of Apparatus Integrity In Bekasi :
    We are Bekasi Apparatus Government, on this Saturday dated March 5, 2016 at Bekasi Stadium determined to: 1. Planning, implementing, and taking a responsibility of Bekasi RPJMD in 2013-2018 continuously and consistently. 2. Build a pattern of thinking and working based on Information Technology Systems. 3. Obey to principles, norms, standards, government administrative procedures in the administration of community service with sincerity and full-hearted. 4. Maintaining the unity, togetherness, and actions to implement of Bekasi Vision.
    On this occasion Rahmat Effendi invited all Bekasi government officials and the public to continue to do the construction in accordance with the vision of the Bekasi City.
    "I invite you to continue to do development with integrity and commitment to continue working towards a prosperous society to build the Bekasi City," Rahmat spoke in his speech in front of thousands ASN Bekasi government.
    Meanwhile, Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar represent the West Java Provincial Government congratulated the City of Bekasi who has stepped in 19 years old. In line with Rahmat Effendi, Vice Governor also hoped it can continue to improve the quality of development in all areas that are aligned with the vision and mission of development that has been proclaimed by Bekasi City.
    "Let's make these commemoration an expression of gratitude for all the achievements that have been achieved so far, and as a vehicle for evaluating and motivating for us as government in particular and stockholder generally to continue to work hard in presenting a variety of construction,” said Vice Governor in his speech.
    It was also presented by Assistant Deputy of Strengthening, Policy and Public Services Ministry of PAN-RB, Vice Mayor of Bekasi, Bekasi Regional Secretary, Regional Assistant of Governance Secretariat of West Java province, leaders and Members of Bekasi parliament, Muspida Elements Bekasi, Heads of SKPD in Bekasi government, as well as other invited guests.


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