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    Indonesia Attractiveness Award (IAA) 2018, West Java Wins Platinum Infrastructure Sector


    JAKARTA - West Java Province once again won the title of Best Province in the Indonesia Attractiveness Award (IAA) 2018. This time West Java was ranked as the Top 2 Best Provinces for the Infrastructure dimension with the highest rank or Platinum.

    Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil gave his thanks to Tempo and Frontier for this award, because it has been objective to mapping the quality of development in the region. He said, this award is the result of the hard work of the bureaucracy and ASN of the West Java Provincial Government, and the stakeholders.

    Ridwan Kamil also dedicated this award for the previous Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) and Deddy Mizwar.

    "With this humility, I convey this to the hard work of Mr. Aher and Mr. Deddy Mizwar," said Kang Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, when met after the IAA 2018 event in JW Marriot Hotel, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday night (14/9 / 18).

    "One like Ridwan Kamil just go onstage to accept. So, I dedicate this to Mr. Aher and Mr. Deddy Mizwar," he added.

    This is, continued Kang Emil, will motivate him. Kang Emil is committed to making changes to a better direction in West Java, including infrastructure and regulations to be more flexible.

    "Speed ??and equity (infrastructure). I will focus on KPBU, public private partnership," said Kang Emil.

    "There are still regulatory constraints that I fear. I will lobby the central government to make regulations better and more flexible," he continued.

    Emil believes with KPBU scheme, infrastructure development such as airports and roads can be done quickly. This scheme has not been widely implemented in Indonesia.

    Five Things to Look For in the Regional Head

    In his greeting, the Indonesian Minister of Home Affairs Tjahyo Kumolo said to realize good corporate governance, the regional heads must have the courage to make decisions. In addition, regional heads were also asked to develop innovations in various ways, build connectivity, and synergy between regions.

    To support this, the local government needs to do five things. First, resolve all obstacles to business licensing. Second, inventory all the licensing processes in the area. Third, reforming regulatory regulations related to business licensing, financing, and resources in the region. Fourth, simplify all processes or debureaucratization. Fifth, identify technology readiness.

    Tjahyo also pushed that his party was pushing the region to accelerate the process of government bureaucracy. There are about 43 thousand regulations that overlap and can hamper the development process.

    "There are 43 thousand regulations that still cover all political development decision processes both at the central and regional levels," said Tjahyo in his greeting at the 2018 Indonesia Attractiveness Award.

    "This is that we'll encouraging the discretion of the regional head must have an effort of independence to be able to accelerate the bureaucratic processes in each region," he added.

    Hopefully, IAA to be an important and strategic moment to support the efforts of economic progress and regional competitiveness. So, Tjahyo asked each region to increase their competitiveness for investment and development would effectively improve regional and national economies.

    IAA was given based on a survey of Indonesia Attractiveness Index (IAI) 2018 conducted by Frontier Consulting Group and Tempo Media Group. IAI is expected to provide an overview of the attractiveness of each district / city and at the provincial level.

    The dimensions of infrastructure are provided based on infrastructure criteria in various fields. Among them are in the fields of health, education, energy, economy, telecommunications, PDAM, and the ratio of road length and area.

    The purpose of measurement and dissemination of these measurement results is: First, to increase the awareness of the regional head of the importance of making their area an investment and regional development destination; Second, to inspire regional heads to develop strategies that are more focused and clear in the future; and Third, to provide information to investors on business opportunities for investments in potential areas in Indonesia.

    The measurement of IAI 2018 uses four dimensions: Investment, Infrastructure, Tourism and Public Services. There are 34 provinces that passed the nomination.

    While the IAI 2018 assessment is also carried out on districts / cities that pass the nominations through three indicators:
    1. The contribution of PDRB to provincial PDRB is above 20% or PDRB is above the average GRDP of the Corridor;
    2. PDRB growth is higher than the average growth per corridor or per capita PDRB is greater than the average PDRB per capita corridor; and,
    3. Districts / cities that didn't pass the first and second indicators but get IAA awards in 2018.

    Of these criteria there are 137 districts / cities that passed the nomination. Regency / city in West Java that won IAA 2018:
    - Bogor Regency, as a Regency of Infrastructure Dimension Potential (Gold rank);
    - Sukabumi Regency, as Investment Potential Dimension Regency (Platinum);
    - Bekasi Regency, as The Best Regency of Infrastructure (Gold) dimension;
    - Depok City, as a Public Service Potential (Gold) Potential City; and
    - Bandung City, as the Best City of Tourism (Gold) dimension.

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