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    Emil & UU Officially Dissolve the Optimization and Synchronization Team of Champion West Java


    BANDUNG - The Optimization and Synchronization Team (TOS) of West Java Champion was formed on July 26, 2018, today September 15 2018 officially ending their assignment. Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil and his deputy Uu Ruzhanul Ulum formally dissolved the team that had worked for 6 weeks to accelerate the acceleration of the work of the Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java 2018-2023.

    The team, chaired by Erry Riyana Hardjapamekas, was supported by 31 working groups with 565 members, which consisted of 133 doctors and 10 professors with 200 meetings. TOS also absorbs 5500 online aspirations, formulating 742 programs, recommending 24 Quick Wins programs in 2018 and 94 Quick Wins in 2019.

    "This is extraordinary, signifying that we are democratically elected, starting the process of planning the future of West Java 5 years in a democratic manner and will be monitored democratically as well," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, at the Pakuan Building in Bandung.

    After being disbanded and received the Prologue of West Java Champion of Inner Birth as thick as 1,000 pages, Emil asked for nothing else in the name of TOS but instead returned to being a citizen that escorted in a good way.

    "We have disbanded this team now. So, no more having the name of the TOS but return to being the citizens that escorted us," he said.

    Furthermore, the next task is now in the hands of West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa to translate the 742 programs into bureaucratic language and program language. The results will be material in the West Java Regional Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) that  will be socialized to the board members.

    "So, I am and Mr. Uu can start for 5 years with full of programs according to our political and vision-mission promises," said Emil.

    He hopes, the citizens will continue to oversee the promises and commitments that will be posted on the website.

    "This method can be an example that in all of West Java all parties are embraced to get involved, hopefully West Java at the end of 5 years will be the best province in Indonesia," hoped Emil.

    For the next 100 days program, there are 24 programs from Emil and Uu couples that will be done. Among them will be launched soon, Jabar Quick Response, preparing 1 village 1 company, 'layad' care program, smart city based public services.

    "We have started for the next 100 days, so there are 24 programs that we will release one by one," explained Emil.

    The leader of the TOS West Java Champion Erry Riyana Hardjapamekas revealed the TOS was formed as one of the efforts to encourage public participation to contribute to the development proposals in West Java.

    "This is one of the efforts of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil to make the public and citizens as development subjects involved in determining the direction of development by providing development ideas and suggestions," said Erry.

    The recommendation document in the form of a Prologue book submitted it can be used by the Governor based on the scale of priorities and development needs in West Java. It can be included to the West Java RKPD and RPJMD.

    Erry said the dissolution of the TOS to emphasize the important role of the Governor to strengthen the bureaucracy in accelerating development. However, he said, if Governor Ridwan Kamil need to get input from experts and academics who are members of the TOS, the Governor can make a forum or team that will help Governor and Deputy Governor in carrying out the acceleration of development.

    One other important recommendation presented by the TOS to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil regarding the ease of investment and the need for legal certainty that presents business certainty for investors that will invest in West Java.

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