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    Minister of Health Launches Prototype of HBsAg and Anti HBsAg Detection Kits


    BANDUNG-Minister of Health Rai Nila Moeloek launches HBsAg Kit prototype to detect Hepatitis B virus and anti HBsAg kit which has a function to determine the success of Hepatitis B vaccine immunization, in the form of antibody protection against hepatitis B virus, at the National Life Science Research Forum in Jakarta on Thursday ( 9/9/2018).

    This kit was handed over by Iriawati, Deputy Dean for Resources, School of Life Sciences ITB, to M. Rahman Roestan, President Director of Bio Farma, witnessed by Nila Moelok, Indonesian Minister of Health.

    From PT Bio Farma's release, Nila Moeloek stated, "what needs to be examined is the epidemiological problem in Indonesia, the Consortium and this working group to continue to make new innovations."

    "The world population reaches 9 billion and the population mobilization is very high, transmission of infectious diseases is a challenge, immunization coverage is very important so that the spread of the disease does not spread," he added.

    M. Rahman Roestan, President Director of Bio Farma stated that Bio Farma appreciated the results of the research from the Hepatitis B consortium, and further downstreamed and commercialized it.

    "We will do product scaling up, preparation of production facilities, registration and preparation to the market. The industry takes around 2 years, then it can be marketed," he said.

    Meanwhile, Neni Nurainy, senior researcher of Bio Farma who is also the coordinator of the hepatitis B consortium added, "This tool has advantages over the type of screening diagnostic kits on the market, which is able to detect viruses quantitatively, so that the diagnosis results obtained are more accurate in describing the condition. the patients examined were compared with screening kits which only gave positive and negative results. "

    Sri Mulyani, the Minister of Finance was also present to provide a keynote speech in the context of the big picture of the economy and how the state supports in determining research, as well as appreciating the industries that participated in contributing to exports and balancing the stability of economic growth such as Bio Farma.

    "Which basic or downstream research is more important, tax deduction incentives for the private sector that invests in research funding: as well as a large research budget to focus and clearly prioritize," said Sri.

    Deputy for Human Development, Society and Culture Ministry of National Planning and Development BAPPENAS Subandi explained about Indonesia's Vision 2045, the sustainability of Science and Technology and Life Science Innovation.

    Meanwhile, the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia M. Natsir who opened the event said, Bio Farma as an industry has the duty to implement the results of basic researches carried out by research institutions or universities that are members of the consortium.

    "Bio Farma, as an industry, if it conducts basic research, it will take a long time and a considerable cost, so that basic research can be carried out by universities under the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, so that Bio Farma's task as a living industry is downstream from the results of basic research. "Natsir said.

    With the research forum it is expected that researchers can adjust to industry standards, non-animal origin raw materials, with a validated test process.

    Halal vaccines are the attention of these researchers to be a very good momentum to accelerate,

    The output of this meeting is in the form of publications, patents, Life Science products that will affect the macro in the field of science and technology, economy and health of Indonesia as a whole. (Pun)

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