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    Kasdam: Sector 21 Most Active Fragrant Citarum Task Force


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Kasdam III / Siliwangi Brigadier General Nurchahyanto, reviewing the location of the sector 21 the Citarum Harum Task Force which was located at the Post 21 of the Citarum Harum Task Force Grya Prima Asri Complex Malakasari Village Baleendah Subdistrict Kab. Bandung, Thursday (09/13/2018).

    Arriving in Sector 21, Kasdam was greeted by the Dansektor 21, Colonel Inf Yusep, while providing a report on the activities carried out and the current condition of the river.

    Kasdam said sector 21 was considered good enough because it always reported on various activities carried out. In addition, sector 21 always changes, there are always improvements and developments.

    "This means that the activities carried out are in accordance with the instructions from the leadership on how to normalize this river," he explained.

    Furthermore, Kasdam said that all this time is quite good, if indeed there are obstacles that are common and can always be overcome by coordinating with all parties

    "This sector has been purified, has arranged buildings erected on the banks of the river and has been coordinated with the Dansektor, but after being curbed it has not been followed up by other elements," he said.

    Furthermore, Kasdam said,needly for coordination with local government elements was related to how to prepare land for the construction of TPS, because TPS was very important for people who did not throw garbage into the river anymore. Then where are they have to throw garbage, there is no polling station, "Kasdam said.

    "Speaking from before, this is already good, some companies and voluntary industry players have managed their own iPhones, because Dansektor 21 has socialized the prohibition of throwing waste on the river. However, there are still some factories that dispose of waste into the river," he said.

    In addition to sector 21, other sectors have also implemented disciplinary measures according to the leadership's instructions through several stages, among others by carrying out socialization, appeals and direct notification.

    "In addition to socialization, direct notification is needed to the public," he concluded. (Pun)

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