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    Netty: Education is Necessary for Children Future Success


    Tasikmalaya-Chairman of the Community Service Centre for the Protection of Women and Children (P2TP2A) West Java Province Netty Heryawan attended the Islamic Parenting Seminar at the peak event of the 25th Ibadurrohman Foundation Anniversary at Gelora Sukapura Dadaha Complex in Tasikmalaya, on Saturday (03/05/16).

    Netty said the children space that safe and comfortable is decreasing its scope, it's not only the physical needs but also the psychological needs.

    "It would impact on the lack of communication cause vulnerability in the family. Then the social issues emerging from Human Trafficking, abuse and neglect," she said.

    The solution as a parent should be able to look inward in a pattern of good parenting. "So Ibadurrohman Foundation can be the oasis of goodness in the field of education in the community, especially for parents who can produce superior and qualified youth generation," she hoped.

    Tasikmalaya Mayor Budi Budiman expressed his appreciation to the Tasikmalaya Ibadurrohman Foundation who engaged in Islamic education. In this modern era, the importance of education as early as possible both Islam and formal education in order to educate the noble next generation.

    Tasikmalaya Ibadurrohman Foundation established since 9 November 1991, and had built a kindergarten, elementary, junior high schools and universities that based on the Islamic boarding school.

    The purpose was established this foundation, among others to carry out development of human resources (SDI) who an expert in the field of Islamic sciences and modern science to participate in building the new Indonesia through its civil society, to assist the government in an effort to educate the nation and establish the order of social Islami and uphold the values of justice.

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