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    There are 24 West Java Ex-Corruption Officers, this is the Provincial Act


    BANDUNG — The Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN RB) data records 24 West Java Provincial Government civil servants (ASN) involved in corruption are still working and have not been fired.

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said it had taken further steps related to the government's plan to stop the ASN involved in corruption but was still known to work as usual. "We will ask for consideration of things that need certainty both to the National Personnel Agency [BKN] and to the ASN Commission," he said in Gedung Sate, Bandung, Friday (9/14/2018).

    This request for consideration is related to the existence of several rules that require standard and clear interpretation. He gave an example, what if there were 24 of them who had retired, or moved to other institutions. "I have instructed the Head of BKD to do things like this, to follow the rules set by the government, then conduct a search and make a letter to the authorized agency," he explained.

    According to Iwa, if there are already instructions especially from BKN West Java Regional Office III regarding the list, it will take action in accordance with provisions including dismissal. "The rules like that, must be stopped," he said.

    Iwa said that there were still ASN who were involved in corruption and were still working at the provincial government because in 2012 there were regulations from the Ministry of Home Affairs that allowed former corruption convicts with sentences of less than 5 years to still work as staff of origin not structural officials. "Now that the letter has been revoked, it returns to normal rules. At that time, we were holding on to the 2012 Minister of Home Affairs letter, "he said.

    Currently, he considers that the direction from the Center is clear after the memorandum of understanding of the Ministry of Home Affairs, PAN RB and BKN. Iwa himself admitted that the ASN, which was fired because of involvement in corruption, had already been carried out, the number of 24 people themselves was the remainder of which had not been taken because of the 2012 Ministry of Home Affairs letter.

    He also ensured that the 24 ASNs who were still working were now sitting as staff who were not on the job, not in structural positions. "No one holds a position, but their status is still a civil servant. No one holds a position, none is there. They work as usual like staff. They can't make decisions, "he concluded. (Pun)

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