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    'Silaturahmi', the Key to Success in Political Career Uu Ruzhanul Ulum


    BANDUNG-Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum revealed the key to success in his career in politics is 'silaturahim'. It is as part of the way he communicates to become the number two person in West Java today.

    Uu said, our goal in stepping in to the success of life must be supported by three things, including the right intention, strong determination, and maximizing the Shari'a.

    "In them, the key to the communication that I felt was 'Silaturahim'. Because with 'Silaturahim',everything will be completed, the fight will be over, our goals will be achieved, our desire will succeed," said Uu as a guest speaker with the theme "Santri Political Communication Style " that held by the Department of Communication Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences (FPIPS) at the FPIPS Auditorium, Nu'man Somantri Building, UPI Campus, Jl. Setiabudi Bandung, Thursday (13/9/18).

    'Silaturahim' is also an important part of the political events that Uu is doing. He claimed money and capability were not the main capital in pursuing his political career.

    "What I do in political events is not the money we have, not the abilities we have, but only one 'Silaturahmi' we do," said Uu.

    "So what I feel, the key to success in politics is 'Silaturahmi'," he continued.

    Beside Uu, that discussion also presented a speaker from UPI Political Communication Professor, Prof. Dr. Karim Suryadi. He said, the style of communication for santri as practiced by Uu has a distinctive or distinguishing feature.

    First, what distinguishes santri political communication from other politicians is intuition. It is the deepest knowledge that has penetrated into the system and become a person's character.

    "The distinctive style of santri political communication difference is intuition. The power of intuition is what distinguishes santri from others," Karim explained.

    Secondly, according to Karim, santri politics had in Indonesia when Abdurrahman Wahid became a president. Where politics is colored by 'kekiaian'  and kesantrian with two symbols, are interpretation and analogy.

    "The third, communication is used as a tool to offer 'tawadhu' or a tool to get blessings that can multiply goodness. So communicating means to spread goodness, add goodness," he said.

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