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    Yamin Papua Peak Expedition, 10 Wanadri Members Will Pioneer New Paths


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Mochamad Ridwan Kamil leaves the departure of the Yamin Papua Peak Climbing Expedition Team in East Hall, Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (13/9/18).

    The Yamin peak climbing expedition team is the 10 personnel of Wanadri members, who have carried out education and training. The ascent will take place September, 14 - October, 13 2018, in Pegunungan Bintang District, Papua.

    Emil, the nickname of the Governor of West Java, gave a tremendous appreciation for activities has the basis of a sense of 'love the motherland'. Moreover, the activities carried out products, is information.

    "The citizens must know about the beauty and variety of a path that has never been done, that the Yamin peak climbing route," said Governor Emil.

    Emil also entrusts the enthusiasm for the climbers. The mission that will be carried out has never done by anyone. So the climbers will be recorded in history as a team that pioneered a new path.

    Furthermore, Emil advised the Expedition Team to maintain health. For approximately one month on the way, climbers must prepare themselves and must be aware of things that might have the potential to disrupt health.

    Other important things, said Emil, for take care the good name of West Java. The expedition team can socialize with local residents and take care of oral actions. Emil asked, the expedition team showed that the citizens of West Java are very respectful of the local culture.

    "And last, comeback home safely brings success, brings us extraordinary stories to us, that can't, and can't go there," he said.

    Therefore, also in 2019, Emil admitted that his party was committed to finding Wanadri's headquarters, so they would not move around.

    "I will discuss with the management, the seniors later, so this extraordinary organization must existence optimally, and be an inspiration for Indonesian youth," he said.

    Chairman of DP Wanadri XXV, Andi Angga Kusuma, explained Yamin Peak is located in two Regencies, namely Pegunungan Bintang Regency, and Yahukimo, Papua.

    Yamin's peak, he continued, was one of the peaks in the middle of the mountains of Papua that had never been climbed before. So, it haven't know certainty about the location of the peak and their height.

    "The difficulty of access, and the lack of information makes this region rarely passed. So this expedition is carried out in hopes for opening up a space for knowledge for the general public and local communities," Andi said.

    For Wanadri himself, this activity has benefits for developing young men and women as the nation's successor cadre who love the homeland, as well as continuing the existence of exploration activities throughout Indonesia.

    With this expedition activity, in the end it will open data and information about the eastern part of Indonesia, and form a forum for direct interaction between the general public and the people in Papua for tourism development and other regional development potential.

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