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    Babad Cirebon, Religious Tourism Attraction in the City of Wali


    CIREBON CITY - Cirebon Kanoman Palace again held a reading of Babad Cirebon or the history of Cirebon. The tradition that is held every Islamic New Year can be a religious attraction in the City of Wali.

    Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum attended the tradition that usually held every night at 1 Muharam in Hijri calendar. This is to remind the public about the history of the birth of Cirebon.

    "This is to remind us of the history of the birth of Cirebon that is the place for the spread of Islam in Java, until it was known as the City of Wali," said Uu in his remarks at the Babad Cirebon Readings in 2018/1440 Hijriah in Witana Keraton Kanoman, Lemah Wungkuk, City Cirebon, Wednesday night (12/9/18).

    Uu added that the Babad Cirebon tradition could be one of the means to introduce Cirebon culture. Especially in the era of global competition now, culture must be an attraction for foreign tourists to visit Cirebon.

    Uu hopes, with the reading of the Cirebon Babad, the public can protect the assets we have and continue to preserve the Cirebon culture so it won't become extinct. Especially in this millennial era, the people have been influenced by sophisticated foreign cultures, so they forget the roots of their history.

    "My big hope, routinely this event can be foster the younger generation for don't forget the history of Cirebon as a City of Culture and the City of Keraton," said Uu.

    649th Anniversary Series of Cirebon City

    Official Mayor of Cirebon Dedi Taufik said the reading of the Babad Cirebon was a series of the 649th Anniversary of Cirebon City. Dedi hopes it can provide motivation and moral encouragement for the citizens of Cirebon City.

    "The historical Babad referred to provided motivation and spiritual moral encouragement for the citizens of Cirebon City," said Dedi.

    Cirebon City Anniversary is determined based on the Hijri year, at 1 Muharam. This is a sign of Cirebon's consistent attitude based on their cultural background, as the center of the spread of Islam in Java.

    Also attending in the event, were Sultan Kanoman XII Sultan Raja Muhammad Emirudin, Prince Pati Raja Muhammad Kodiran, and other family members of the Keraton Kanoman.

    The reading ceremony of the Cirebon Babad was held at Bangsal Witana Keraton Kanoman Cirebon. Prince Pati Raja Muhammad Kodiran, representing the family of Keraton Kanoman, said that the Ward of Witana was the starting point of the Cirebon.

    "Because Witana is the beginning of the origin of Cirebon," said Prince.

    In addition, Prince also explained the reason for the concept of reading the Babad Cirebon program with 'lesehan'. This is to remind us that officials come from people who must sit together.

    "We also deliberately conceptualized this program with 'lesehan'. So, we can remember and realize that officials are from the citizens. So, they and the officials should sit together. Sitting low together stands as high and respect each other," he said.

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